BD 5000 Launcher Accessories Pack

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BD 5000 Launcher Accessories Pack

Accessorize into fun! The BD 5000 is the ultimate domino toppling chain reaction accessory. Add this into your domino builds and watch the fun fly! Use it for a grand finale launch, chain react across the room, or knock down towers and builds all activated by dominoes!

 This features 6 different launching positions from angled slightly down to straight up in the air. Using the unique domino activation platform, the BD 5000 can be directly used in domino runs and chain reactions.


  • 3 - Ping Pong Balls (3 star)
  • 6 - Pro Dominoes
  • 6 - Rubber bands
  • Made in USA

 Note: this is not the launcher. This is only the accessories, this is intended to be included with the custom launcher build.

Create Fun Games: Use your dominoes to build forts and structures, then use the launcher to try and knock down the other players kingdom! This is a Simple and fun game to play with multiple friends or solo. so grab a launcher, setup a couple bases, and launch your way to victory!

Ages 14+

BD 5000 Launcher Accessories Pack