Mega Assorted Accessory Kit

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The Mega Accessory kit brings the awesome in domino toppling! This really adds to the domino toppling adventure. We see this as a must have if you want to bring your builds to life. With a template you can create large runs and fields with perfect symmetry. The spinners add so many building options and additional tricks and setups that cannot be performed otherwise. The rapid tracks and bridges is the ultimate way to literally take your stacking and toppling to the next level! Have fun.

Easy to use interlocking design allows you to combine as many pieces together as you can imagine.

  • 2 - Bridges  ( 4 pcs ) 
  • 2 - Straight Tracks ( 5" )
  • 4 - Domino Spinners
  • 1 - Domino Templates
  • 1 - Splitter (4 way)
  • 12 - Arcs
  • 5 - Rapid Track (plus 2 bonus clips)
  • 8 - Line Reactors
  • Expandable Interlocking Design
  • Made in the USA


Each kit contains a random color for each part that may vary from what is pictured

Mega Assorted Accessory Kit