The Ultimate Guide to Domino Toppling

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Over 160 Tips and Tricks to becoming a Domino Toppling Master!

Become a master domino builder and expand your domino building techniques with this easy to follow tips and tricks guidebook. Inside you will discover all the top tricks used to create awesome and elaborate domino chain reactions and world class setups. With over 160 tricks that can be linked together to create thousands of different combination-tricks, you are sure to amaze all who watch!

Whether your a seasoned domino artist or just starting, this book is the ultimate resource to all things dominoes. 

  • Over 160 Tips and Tricks
  • Step by step instructions
  • Book size - 9" X 12" 
  • Pages - 136
  • Full Color Print
  • Made in USA


 Great for all ages interested in dominoes

The Ultimate Guide to Domino Toppling